Setting the Table

These are stories by people who once went to MHC. People are often hurt from their experience at the church and we hope to provide a platform for healing and change.

This site gives a voice to those who have been hurt, damaged, abused, neglected, shunned, or rejected by Mark Driscoll and other elders at Mars Hill Church.

The gospel of Christ teaches us that we all need a Savior, and there is blessing in repentance. We don’t draw attention to these stories out of bitterness or revenge but because of our conviction that repentance, forgiveness, and healing can be had through Jesus’ death on the cross.

Most of us here were at Mars Hill early on, for many years. We valued the theological teaching and supported the evangelical message. We were members because we saw God moving powerfully in the Mars Hill community.

Yet, each of us reached a breaking point where God clearly showed us our need to leave. The stories here tell how we moved from enthusiastic, on-mission member to concerned believer feeling a need to call Mars Hill leadership to repentance.

If you want to share your story, you can submit it at  You do not have to use your name publicly and can contact us at to arrange that.