Desperate for a place in a “good” collège.Le rejection of racial and social diversity is the main motivation of parents “fraudsters”.

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The public square. As successfully enroll the youngest to Henri IV, or more modestly in Condorcet, when you live a duplex in the heights of Montmartre? Generally, especially educated people know the mistakes to avoid. Asking such a derogation stupidly when one can not rely on one of three priority reasons (parent working in the establishment, brother and sister in college or scarce foreign language). Much more effective: the false domicile in the area of the coveted college. The less scrupulous engage in the forgery: the convenience of lease established by an old cousin, or the maid’s room, rented or even purchased a product which is the electricity bill or the insurance receipt. Martine Margalef, president of the Paris Peep (Students Parents of public education), who fights against the favoritism, has seen phone lines open to the friend of thirty years, the gerrymandering of the declaration of income using the photocopier or boost the guardian of property. control difficult. At the Academy of Paris, it is well known that there is a fraud, but we do not want to exaggerate. This is also the opinion of INSEE who judged after an investigation on the ground, these ploys rather marginal, though over-represented in cities like Paris (1). To demolish debits usurped, the academy has raised its requirements for several years. Two documents are to be provided from a list of five documents. “Difficult to go further, admits Jacques Aubry, academy inspector in Paris the second degree. It should not be confused officials of Education with those of the treasury. ”

In another, and completely beyond the vigilance of the academy, the negotiations between the director of the primary school and the school principal, or headmaster of the school-college. Geraldine, domiciled in Kremlin Bicetre and desperate to enroll her daughter in the thirteenth arrondissement college, had considered the technique of false lease. But she had to deal with anything. A good prince, the director of the primary school played matchmaker. She had to provide the tax return yet established his suburban address to see his case resolved magically. And last week, his daughter, Juliette, led each morning by car by his mother and taken flight in the evening by his father, then frequent George Sand, the college elected by his parents. Another technique, the phone call the week of school to college principal who refused in June your waiver application for lack of space. There are always two or three students in all Paris establishments that are missing in September due to an unexpected move. A Pilâtre de Rosier, three phone calls are thus fallen steeply. And three little girls who made their return to Anne Frank, an unloved eleventh arrondissement college could change schools overnight. Informed afterward, the Academy recalled the rules.

Elite inbred. Others prefer the big blow piston. As to intercede near of minister or deputy. Jacques Aubry, the school inspector, has already received menacing letters by registered mail with a copy in high places who have left marble. As for the former head of headmasters association, it is even more wicked, “It is the very people who make the school board that the fracture to their siblings. Brothers, nephews, cousins find themselves bathed in a kind of inbreeding within the same institutions. “As explained François Heran (1), a researcher at Insee, the circumvention of the card is the fact of a minority active, educated and very informed, strongly represented in the circles of teachers and senior managers. Officials of the Peep like those of the FCPE (Federation of advice parents) feel more and more often to fight against windmills. And first, against their own members. Bernard Sujubert in charge of second degree at the CIPF Paris, is frequently approached by distraught parents asking him to intervene for their children. Colleges “repulsive.” First ground to escape the college sector, the poor quality of school education. But if some institutions occasionally encounter difficulties, they are greatly amplified and person, nor the headteacher that the academy or the parents’ federations can not debunk rumors. Martine Margalef, president of the Peep Paris, take the example of the eleventh arrondissement in Paris. On one side, three colleges “push” (Anne Frank, the Fontaine-au-Roi and Beaumarchais); on the other, Voltaire, Alain Fournier, and a notch even above, Pilâtre de Rosier, all three in the odor of sanctity. Until last year, the scope of what parents had the great privilege, shared with a few corners of a half-dozen districts to choose the extent of availability, their school. Result says Martine Margalef, Anne-Frank ended up with 70% of children with at least one parent was of foreign origin while in the district they represent only 25%. Symptomatic refusal increasingly exacerbated social mixing “it is the color of the kids out of college, more than teaching or school climate, which relies more and more often on the attraction-repulsion families to a particular school, “says Bernard Sujubert. Principals who sort students into the second, further reinforce segregation. As a school principal, less frequented than its neighbor socially speaking, was beaten again in June to get a “good” school that deals on equal applications of both institutions. Demarcation line. That said, those who advocate for the school of the Republic struggling to find cures. We can dream, like Bernard Sujubert, more clearly positive discrimination in favor of schools located in poor neighborhoods. We can claim that it affects the major and teacher especially motivated body. Or advocate for cutting areas does not look like a line between beautiful and less beautiful blocks away … Or to meet at the “big jump” the parents on both sides, those who live day the day the college and those who agonize nothing at that idea, as the FCPE did in the twentieth town in the spring. We will not stop, as acknowledged, somewhat bitter, Martine Margalef, that put to the wall, the most militant ready to ignite in defense of the public school, cracked the case, as he then explains his guts, the future of his child. (1) In “? Public school, private school, who can choose” appeared in the magazine INSEE Eco and stats No. 293-1996.